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Saba School of Medicine – 2021 Eligibility & Admission Requirements

The Saba University of Medicine is an outstanding yet affordable alternative to Canadian and US medical schools. It is a great option to consider for students who couldn’t pursue their medical careers in the US or Canada due to high competition. Since 1992, Saba school of medicine has been inspiring, educating, and turning out great physicians.

Over 2500 students who celebrated their graduation from Saba University are now practicing medicine in both the United States and Canada. This pretty much means that Saba has an exceptional 30-year history of ensuring students gain top residencies across various specialties in the US and Canada. 

Saba University School of Medicine Requirements

US and Canadian citizens and nationals should have completed at least 3 years of their undergrad. work or earned a total of either:

  • 90 semester hours or 
  • 135 quarter hours

However, students who have completed their bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college/university will be preferred over those who are still to do it. 

Pre-Medical Requirements

Here are the pre-med requirements for seeking admission to Saba:

  • Biology/Zoology: 1 year coursework + lab
  • Chemistry: 1 complete year of organic chemistry + 1 year of inorganic chemistry (both with labs)
  • English: min. 1 year of literature or English composition
  • Others: a broad academic background in other subjects  including  humanities, physical sciences or social sciences, & computer literacy

It is highly recommended to take additional courses in Biology such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, cell bio, psychology, stats, interpersonal or communication skills (this is another point of preference).


Who needs to take the MCAT?

Applicants who:

  • Are Canadian or US residents/nationals
  • Outdated (more than five years old) science coursework
  • Done their science coursework from a community college
  • Obtained a C or even lower grade in any of their science courses

English Proficiency Test

Since the medium of instruction at Saba University is English, it is important for the students to know that all academic courses will be taught entirely in English.  If English is not your native language, you’re required to take an English proficiency test such as TOFEL.

Non-native English speakers need to take TOFEL, an English proficiency test that evaluates an applicant’s reading, writing, and listening, and speaking skills. Head over to the official TOFEL website to get more information

Patient-Care Experience

For an applicant to be eligible for admission, a min. of 50 hours of patient-care experience is needed. If you’ve worked as an EMT, or shadowed a doctor, or volunteered in a clinical setting, it will be part of your relevant patient experience. 

Application Process

  • Go to the website, check out the application form, read the instructions (if any), and then fill out the form. 
  • Pay the application processing fee worth $75. Either use a credit card or make a payment through check or money order with your name included.

Required Documents

  • All academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose (SOP) – a max of 500 words outlining why did you choose medicine, why choose Saba for your career, personal interests, accomplishments, activities, or any relevant experience.
  • Letters of recommendation: Min. 2 will be required, one from your college/university teacher and one from the physician/employer who supervised you.
  • Photos: 2 passport size (2″ x 2″) colored photographs
  • MCAT result: All U.S and Canadian medical students should have their MCAT result at the time of admission. Other applicants can also prepare for their MCAT.
  • TOFEL: Take the TOFEL test if English is not your native language. You can get more information about the test on the official TOFEL website.
  • Finally, send over your documents & application fee at the mailing address of SABA University as mentioned on the website.

Saba University School of Medicine Ranking

Ranking is determined on the basis of drop-out rate, tuition fee, class size, and the availability of clinical rotations. 

Amongst the four main Caribbean medical schools (St. George, AUC, Saba, and Ross, Saba comes at number 3. Despite having the lowest overall tuition fee ($110,000-115,000) and the smallest class size/trimester (80-100), the drop-out rate of Saba is higher (40—50%).

Note: As of 2021, the tuition fee may have increased. 

Generally speaking, Caribbean medical schools have found to have a lower graduation rate in comparison to the US medical schools.

Saba Medical School Acceptance Rate

Saba school of medicine accepts applications on a rolling basis (three times a year – Jan, May, Sep). 

  • Acceptance rate = ~7%.
  • Residency match rate = 94%


Many medical students consider Caribbean medical schools when they have no other option. However, Saba medical university is a credible alternative path that students choose to enroll in for an MD program. A great number of Saba graduates have been successful in getting into residency programs. To get a license, you must not overlook Saba if you fail to get into any medical institute in the US and Canada.

Attending medical school in the Caribbean has always been a popular alternate path chosen by many students who want to become an M.D. and practice in the United States and Canada.